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Handspun Yarn Merino Wool & Sparkle 100g 228 Yards

Handspun yarn, I have handspun this hank of yarn using two of the sparkle blends of combed top available in my store. The deep golden colours of Gingerbread Sparkle and the royal purple of Amethyst Sparkle. Both have a rainbow of sparkles glistening through them, Trilobal Nylon is very fine and soft, much softer than Angelina for example.

It is so difficult to get good photo's of the sparkle fibre running through, but it is beautiful, shimmers as you move the yarn.

Weight: 100g
Yards: 228

70% Merino Wool
30% Dyed Trilobal Nylon Sparkle

Gauge will depend on your swatch.

You will receive the hank of yarn in my photographs, it has been handspun,plied and the twist set ready for using in your project.