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Aniseed - Hand Dyed Jacob Humbug Combed Wool Top 100g

Aniseed Colourway  - Hand dyed to create a painterly effect, compared to my solid colourways. Each colourway comes from the same dye bath, so they carry the same hues, whilst each being unique.

Jacob Humbug is a combed wool that has both white and black natural Jacob wool fibres, combed together creating a humbug stripe effect in the combed top.

Jacob is an easy fiber to spin, will create quite a lofty yarn. This will also felt, both needle felting and wet felting will work with this fibre.

Weighs 100g - 3.5oz
100% Jacob Wool
Jacob wool is one of, if not the oldest breeds in the UK. Very popular due to the variety in its natural coloured wool.

Micron 32-43
Soft/Medium Handle
Staple Length 8-15cm